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African Indian Ocean Ambergris outer

Ambergris find

Ambergris is the stuff that a perfumers dreams are made of. I have been getting all kind of odd pieces to evaluate as ambergris but up till now none have been ambergris, just sea sponges, soap and odd pieces of … [Read More...]


Sugarbush (Protea repens) Syrup

Every reference on Sugarbush Protea will mention that once a syrup was made from the nectar of the flower.  During the early years of the Cape Colony when sugar was very expensive and provisions were in short … [Read More...]

African Dawn – Eau de Parfum

African-Dawn600The perfume opens with the fresh herbal notes of Blue Grass and Cape May that mellows into a heart of the Comorian Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Jasmin and Moroccan Rose, spiced with Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves and Buchu. The beautiful base is truly unique with Omumbiri from Namibia, Muhuhu from Tanzania, Beyo Frankincense from Somalia and the leathery pheromones from the Hyraceum.

Iris – Huile de Parfum

Iris is a soft feminine fragrance of romantic florals, gently blended with citrus, Patchouli and Sandalwood, with a hint of ginger. It is smooth, alluring and just a little mysterious. The romantic at heart will enjoy an evening out adorned with this perfume.

Mooiblom – Eau de Parfum

Mooiblom (beautiful flower) is a celebration of the Summer’s floral harvest. In the Cape’s summer’s heat, the sweet exotic fragrances of the frangipani, Noem Noem and Jasmine grandiflora rise like silent siren songs luring you into a lethargic dreamlike state of meadows starred with flowers. Mooiblom is a dreamy floral composed with notes of frangipani, Noem Noem, and Jasmine grandiflora and the soft powdery floral of heliotropin and green woody notes.

De Hoop – Eau de Parfum

The Cape, with its Mediterranean climate, has a strong fusion of European Mediterranean and African culture. In spring the breeze carries the fragrance of grape blossoms (much like neroli) from the vineyards, mingled with the scents of lavender, rose, jasmine, and herbaceous green floral scents of the local fynbos. This fragrance inspired me to compose an African Chypre base, the perfect medium to base my scent interpretation of the unique Cape fusion on. De Hoop is a Chypre challenge winner.

Yirgacheffe – Eau de Parfum

My Yirgacheffe perfume contains subtle citrus top notes, coconut, which flows into warm heart notes floral heart notes of rose, jasmine sambac, tuberose and and ylang ylang blended with coffee notes. The sultry base notes which includes Muhuhu, Rooibos, Hyraceum, ambergris, Mitti Atar and a hint of chocolate, completes my ode to Yirgacheffe coffee. Yirgacheffe is my personal favourite and is suitable for both men and women with a love of the exotic.