African Aromatics

African Aromatics strives to bring you the best of Africa's scents and flavours. Products that are not made directly by African Aromatics are sourced to reflect our own philosophy. Each product sold here is 100% natural, handcrafted and are products of Fair Trade. … [Read More...]


House of Mir

We who live in Africa are all infused with the soul and spirit of Africa, so are my perfumes. Each perfume is 100% natural and original, inspired by the wonderful diversity found in Africa.  My perfumes contain the rare treasures of nature's aromatic bouquet, including many extracts made with loving patience through enfleurage, … [Read More...]


Spice Witch

Spice Witch adds magic to your culinary creations transforming the predictable into gourmet. All Spice Witch seasoning products are naturally infused using proprietary methods perfected over the years. These methods allow us to use fresh ingredients so that the salt crystals extract the natural colourings, flavours, essential … [Read More...]

Featured Scents

African Indian Ocean Ambergris outer

Ambergris find

Ambergris is the stuff that a perfumers dreams are made of. I have been getting all kind of odd pieces to evaluate as ambergris but up till now none have been ambergris, just sea sponges, soap and odd pieces of … [Read More...]

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Sugarbush (Protea repens) Syrup

Every reference on Sugarbush Protea will mention that once a syrup was made from the nectar of the flower.  During the early years of the Cape Colony when sugar was very expensive and provisions were in short … [Read More...]

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African Dawn – Eau de Parfum

In designing African Dawn I wanted to capture the essence of Africa, using only the beautiful African essences. The perfume opens with the fresh herbal notes of Blue Grass and Cape May that mellows into a heart of the Comorian Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Jasmin and Moroccan Rose, spiced with Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves and Buchu.


Van der Hum – Eau de Parfum

Van Der Hum has an aged brandy aroma, flavoured with the peel of Naartjies (Cape tangerines), herbs, spices, seeds and barks, with a deep golden amber base. The complex citrus flavours are enhanced by fragrant spicy and oak notes. Mellow and sweet, with a lingering spicy drydown.


Apollo – Huile de Parfum

Apollo is a refreshing and uplifting masculine fragrance that uplifts the spirit with notes of citrus and Frankincense delicately blended with hints of spices and woods. It is a great all-purpose fragrance for a man or perhaps even for the adventurous woman.


Iris – Huile de Parfum

Iris is a soft feminine fragrance of romantic florals, gently blended with citrus, Patchouli and Sandalwood, with a hint of ginger. It is smooth, alluring and just a little mysterious. The romantic at heart will enjoy an evening out adorned with this perfume.


Aurora – Eau de Parfum

Aurora was created for my daughter who has a penchant for gourmand perfumes. It is a perfume that celebrates the sensual delights of chocolate. It is a rich nutty blend of dark chocolate and honey blossoms. It will delight all chocolate lovers.

Featured Inspiration

Possible Ambergris found in Hermanus

Possible Ambergris Find in Hermanus

For years now I have been combing the local beaches hoping to one day find some ambergris. In fact, I just returned from the beach with my consolation prizes - seaweed, when I received an email asking whether I will be interested in some 4.8kg of Ambegris found in Hermanus. … [Read More...]


My First Love

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of the Natural Perfumer's Guild on June 1st we are sharing the story of our first love in natural aromatics. … [Read More...]


Garden Blessings

A beautiful garden is a work of heart. Through our gardens we grow closer to creation. Blessing our gardens through our love and our loving care blesses us in so many ways.  Every hour spent in our gardens is blessings, but why not bless your garden with your words and and thoughts as well? Here is a truly beautiful blessing for your garden. … [Read More...]