Mooiblom – eau de Parfum


Mooiblom is a dreamy floral composed with notes of frangipani, Noem Noem, and Jasmine grandiflora and the soft powdery floral of heliotropin and green woody notes. It contains the enfleurage extracts of Noem Noem, white and pink Frangipani, Jasmine Grandiflora, and Ginger lily.

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Mooiblom (beautiful flower) is a celebration of the Summer’s floral harvest. In the Cape’s summer’s heat, the sweet exotic fragrances of the frangipanies, Noem Noems and Jasmine grandiflora rise like silent siren songs and lures you into a lethargic dreamlike state of meadows starred with flowers. Perhaps why the Cape is also known as “Slaapstad” (Sleep City), because enveloped in narcotic beauty it is hard to resist the summer holiday feeling.

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